Mutual Fund Wealth Update…………..Aug. 11, 2015

Markets doing strange things lately.   Perhaps a correction of sorts but who really knows.  Yesterday Aug. 10  top stock holdings in our two funds (TD Health Sciences & Renaissance Global Health) did quite well showing positive results for the day—–but our mutual fund prices went down.   I have seen this same scenario happen occasionally in the past and never did get a reasonable answer from fund companies / representatives  involved,  or from financial analysts.


No thoughts of selling these two mutual funds / considering buying more.


Will update any changes as and when they happen.  Don’t be unsettled by recent happenings in the global marketplace.   My portfolio always increases in value by 10 – 30 percent each year.  When dealing exclusively with mutual funds, these kind of numbers are excellent returns.


Doug T……



Mutual Fund Wealth Update………..Aug. 06, 2015

Wow……..What a hit today !!  Health Care Sector down 6.75 %.  Our two funds down approximately 3 %.   Certainly didn’t see this coming and can’t quite figure out why it happened.  Have checked news for top holdings for these funds and found nothing that would indicate this kind of negativity.


In my opinion, and for whatever reason, the only real positive / negative indicators that could cause this kind of reaction would be U.S. employment numbers due tomorrow and or the GOP debate this evening.


How do you spell manipulation..

I certainly don’t plan any changes to my portfolio.


Doug T.

Mutual Fund Wealth Update……………… Aug. 05, 2015

My recent portfolio changes ( TD Health Science  &  Renaissanace Global Health Care) Fund purchases are doing quite well.    These two mutual funds have increased in value by approximately 4% each in 3 weeks.  This percentage gain is a little more than I had anticipated but certainly looks good on my bottom line.  Health care generally speaking continues to look positive as do my charts regarding these two mutual funds.


Feel free to pass on this Mutual Fund Wealth informational web page to friends and family.  All new viewers to this site should be encouraged to read and understand (top right of page) Mutual Fund Wealth Strategy.


….. Doug T

Mutual Fund Wealth Update……………….July 25, 2015

OUCH !!  This past week or so saw north american markets drop 500+ points.  Not a healthy situation when we are trying to make money.   My charts certainly showed the effects of this drop but I’m quite sure things will improve going forward.   Global financial news hasn’t shown any real reason for this scenario to occur, rather I would be inclined to blame disappointing analyst expectations etc.  Sometimes/often I wonder how accurate their numbers reflect reality.


I still believe pharmaceutical mutual funds is a very good place to be invested at this time.


Doug T.

Mutual Fund Wealth Update………………….July 01, 2015

With the Canadian market down nearly 1,000 points in the last month or so, I would imagine all followers of this informative mutual fund selection web page are quite content to be sitting in cash or the money market.   At present most areas of the global market place seem to be stagnant or showing negativity.  And then we can add the situation in Greece which has also had an adverse affect on world markets.


As you probably know, I regularly monitor hundreds of mutual funds looking for ones trending on the upside that will prove profitable.  At this moment, there just isn’t anything attractive enough for us to invest in.


Things will turn around I’m sure.   Will keep everyone posted when I add mutual fund positions to my portfolio.


Doug T.

Mutual Fund Wealth …………. Update June 18, 2015

Unfortunately I have no changes (mutual fund purchases) to report at this time.   I know portfolios holding nothing but cash positions is really boring but certainly better than holding mutual fund positions that would be losing value.


I don’t stay active in the mutual fund market just to be invested, I get involved when my charts and certain other criteria appear positive for significant returns.


Will post any fund purchases when they occur.


Doug T.

Mutual Fund Wealth Update…………….May 27, 2015

Given the recent volatility in the global markets,  I’m certainly happy that my portfolio consists of  cash.  Have had recent discussions with my financial advisor(s)  letting them know mutual fund purchases may occur in the near future.    Will post purchases as and when they happen.


….. Doug T.

Mutual Fund Wealth Update April 15, 2015

Update for the faithful followers of this informative — Mutual Fund Investment Web Page.


At present all my portfolio holdings  consist of  cash.   Lucrative mutual fund global investment opportunities appear to be a little too risky at this time.  I will continue to peruse & monitor a large number of  mutual fund companies for investments that meet my investment and charting criteria.


I certainly don’t enjoy having my portfolio holdings sitting in cash, but  sometimes it is the best investment strategy.


Will post any new mutual fund purchases as and when that happens.


Doug T