MutualFundWealth Update………………..Sept.28, 2015

My portfolio still consists of cash holdings and for some very good reasons.  The Canadian and U.S. markets are currently trading at 2013 levels !!  Below is a segment from  some Canadian news I read today.  It appears top politicians don’t seem to have any prudent idea of what is going on now or what is likely to occur in the near future.


Having said this, what are the odds that financial advisors can do something for for us that will show any kind of moderate or significant gains in our portfolios?   I believe these investors have not done well lately and will have to be very patient before they see their personal portfolios recover losses.

(see mutualfundwealth strategy)


Some news from today..

A growing proportion of Canadian executives think the economy is in trouble, but they are torn over what a new government should do about it after the federal election.

The latest quarterly C-Suite survey shows that corporate executives are more discouraged about the economic outlook than they have been since the midst of the recession seven years ago. More than half think the economy will decline in the next year, the first time since November, 2008, that a majority have felt that way.

Just three months earlier, two-thirds thought the Canadian economy was bound for expansion.

But the executive suite is split on what the federal government needs to do to get the economic wheels back in motion. Forty-six per cent want stimulus, while 48 per cent say Ottawa should focus on restraining spending to ensure a balanced budget.


Not very encouraging is it.


However with today’s markets being where they are, we should be able to find some good mutual fund investments in the near future as market conditions will improve.    As always  mutual fund buys will be posted on this web page.


Doug T.

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