Mutual Fund Wealth Update…..Sept. 17,2015

Portfolio/Investment  update for followers of this web page.   Have been waiting patiently to get reinvested in mutual funds but global and international news and markets have been very unreliable at best and I certainly don’t like of that kind of volatility when investing.

As you know, I monitor 600 – 700 mutual funds on a regular basis with differing levels of risk / performance and believed we were very close to making a few mutual fund purchases.    These purchases will have to wait a little longer now as news today reports the US Government may partially shut down Oct. 1, 2015 unless Congress comes up with money to keep it going.  I know our mutual fund purchases are Canadian, but what happens in the US and Globally really can adversely affect us as well.


Will update any mutual fund purchases as and when they occur.  In the meantime read or perhaps re-read my mutual fund wealth strategy paper at top of  the web page.


…..Doug T.

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