Mutual Fund Wealth Update…………..Aug.21, 2015


An update for faithful followers of  this Mutual Fund Wealth web page.


Today I sold holdings in TD Health Science & Renaissance Global Health Care mutual funds.  My portfolio now consists of cash.


My charts certainly showed positive signs when these funds were purchased about 5 weeks ago, but recent instability in the global market place changed those same charts dramatically in the last few days.


Overall value of my portfolio from Sept. 30 2014 until this date has increased in value approximately 19 %.  I  wish we could have gained a higher number than that, but with this the current correction (if it is to be called a correction) a higher percentage gain doesn’t seem possible in the next few weeks.


I will still be monitoring the 600 – 700 hundred mutual funds on my screen on a daily basis and when a fund or funds show positive indicators I won’t hesitate to purchase them and pass this information on to you.


Doug T……..

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