Mutual Fund Wealth Update………….March 24, 2015

Due to Euro – American Dollar – Canadian Dollar valuations and uncertainties surrounding these issues,  I just cannot be certain which direction mutual fund prices are heading at this time.   Have sold all mutual funds held in my portfolio.


I’m still looking for mutual funds not necessarily affected by the issues listed above and will post any buys as and when I make my next purchases.


In the meantime, we certainly can  enjoy profits made in recent months.


Doug T.

Mutual Fund Wealth………..Update March18, 2015

No changes to my portfolio holdings at this time.   Mutual Fund Portfolio value has increased 20% plus in the last five months.  Looking forward to higher valuation in the coming months.


Anyone new to this site really should read my Mutual Fund Wealth Strategy article!!


Doug T.

Mutual Fund Wealth Update…………………..Feb. 24, 2015

On the Baja for a month and wifi service is sparotic at best.  Have made some changes to my personal portfolio as follows.

Mutual Funds Sold:

Excel Chindia Fund

Excel India Fund

Renaissance Global Health Fund

TD Health Sciences Fund

These funds have performed very well but my personal charts suggest that rally COULD be ending–so I sold.


Mutual Funds Purchased:


Fidelity American Equity Fund

HSBC Indian Equity Fund


Returns on my mutual fund investments have been excellent & I expect that to continue.

Will continue to post changes in my portfoil holdings as and when they occur.

New followers of this web page really should read my Mutual Fund Wealth Strategy information available on this site.


…..Doug T

Mutual Fund Wealth………..Update Jan.13, 2015

No changes to my portfolio holdings at this time.   All my mutual fund choices are doing very well.  Some funds are showing higher returns than others, but that’s a normal occurence.


I urge all new visitors to this web page to read & maybe re-read my mutual fund wealth strategies article.  Very important information regarding taking charge of your finances.  (I know this article is a little hard to find…top right of page).


Hey I don’t make any money from this informational web page, but I sure do get very good returns from my mutual fund investments.   Some day in the future I may charge a fee for this info. but not in the very near future.


…..Doug  T.

Mutual Fund Wealth Update Dec. 31,2014

HAPPY  NEW  YEAR………To all who follow this web page…….


Hoping your 2014 investments were as lucrative as mine.   If you followed the investment advice found on this website, you did very well financially.  Remember, you must take control of your investments.  Most investment advisors surely don’t and will not apply enough attention to your portfolio.  To them your account is assigned a number, they spread your investment dollars to include money markets / bonds and a few blue chip investments that at  years end will certainly show little gains for you.    My advice is carefully read Mutual Fund Wealth Strategy and use this advice to your advantage.


PS:   No changes in my portfolio holdings at this time


…..Doug T.

Mutual Fund Wealth Update………Dec.08,2014

Mutual Fund Wealth Update:


Added:  Franklin Templeton Bissett U.S. Focus Corp. Class A  Fund


Portfolio now consists of:


Excel Chindia Fund

Excel India Fund

Renaissance Global Health Care Fund

National Bank U.S. Equity Fund

Trimark U.S. Companies Fund

TD Health Sciences A  Fund

Franklin Templeton Bissett U.S. Focus Corp. Class  A  Fund


Remember, YOU take charge of your financial wealth.  To your financial advisor  YOUR  portfolio is only a number, to you it’s much more important than that.


….. Doug T

Mutual Fund Wealth Update………..Dec. 04, 2014

Latest Mutual Fund Wealth Portfolio Update:


Sold       Canoe Equity Index Fund


Bought…..Renaissance Global Health Fund     (Medium Risk)


Bought…..National Bank U.S. Equity Fund     (Medium Risk)


Bought…..Trimark U.S. Companies Fund     (Medium Risk)


Bought…..TD Health Sciences A Fund


Still holding….. EXCEL Chindia Fund  &  EXCEL India Fund


I expect my portfolio holdings to do well going forward.


Will update any changes in my portfolio as and when they happen.


…..Doug T


Mutual Fund Wealth Update Nov 25, 2014

Have Sold two Mutual Funds held in my portfolio.


BMO China Equity Index ETF


IShares China Index ETF


Will invest cash from these two funds into new mutual fund holdings in the near future and post on this site when transactions have taken place.


Doug T …..